Monday, March 8, 2021

About us

Filmmakers started in May 2010 ( with a project in Portuguese and English languages, based on the huge professional interest in the video, audio production of founder and CEO Helder Martins.
Our presence extends from New Jersey (United States of America), to São Paulo (Brazil), through Portugal and, most recently, Shenzhen (China).
We are a small startup team that performs product reviews in a technical way, tutorials and disseminates news and leaks in this area, as well as in the world of consumer electronics.

Who we are?

Helder Martins

Founder, CEO

Passionate about Filmmaking, Cinema, Video / Audio Production. Participates as Director and Director of Photography in several films and studies at the New York Film Academy and the International Academy of Film. Founder of the largest Select Video congress in South America. Nominated and winner of film awards.

Adriana S.

Co-Founder, Editor Chefe

Co-founder of the Filmmakers project, she is responsible for the text editing area. She participates in the largest Select Video congress of South America. On other hand she's also an English teacher at the University, located in Brazil, and many times she's in our office in United States of America.

Bruno M.


Born in Portugal, lived and worked in Madrid (Spain) and now he's in Shenzhen (China).
Worked in several brands on different business areas and he's one of the world's largest connoisseur of consumer electronics brands. Bruno is also responsible for the management of this website.